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dance magic dance

hi! my name is brodie. it means "ditch" in gaelic. awesome, right? i'm heading into university in 2009 at the tender age of seventeen. you should probably know that i'm terrible with updating, so if you're my friend, you're going to have to bug me to update. oh, and i tend to CAPSLOCK quite a bit.

i live in australia! i'm a writer, and i tend to go on and on and on and end up with +50k words on almost anything i write. i have 599 songs on my ipod, 109 of which are disney. i love to make desserts. i very rarely comment. if you mention something to me that idk about, i will go google it and pretend to be knowledgeable! i love singing. i basically watch supernatural on tv and that's it, but i watch many more things on dvd! i read a lot. i just finished high school and have been accepted to university doing a bachelor of criminology! my favourite colour is red.

queensheep is my fiction writing journal. it's mostly bandom, with a smattering of anita blake drabbles. i write stories about panic at the disco, fall out boy, empires, my chemical romance, the academy is..., cobra starship, the cab and half a dozen other musical people i like. i have also written three quarters of a quartet of novels, which can be found here. i love people telling me what they think - good or bad. so im me, or comment, and i'm sure we'll be friends!

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